Angie Harding Style offers the following services 


Closet Consultation (Approximately 4-5 Hours)

My new clients usually like to start with a closet consultation.  Great style begins with a well-organized closet.  I like my closet to be so organized that picking out an outfit is like shopping in a department store.  Everything is displayed beautifully and folded nicely.  When you walk into your closet you want to be able to easily find that perfect outfit.   

I’ll start with organizing and editing your wardrobe while thinking about what works best for you, deciding together what stays and what goes, and what just needs to be tailored for a better fit.  This will include rehanging everything by season, as well as clothing and fabric type, so everything is easy to locate.  I will organize your accessories - belts, scarves, jewelry, ties (for guys), bags and shoes so they are easily visible and ready to be layered to any outfit.

We will discuss and prioritize what pieces might be missing from your closet that would enhance your current wardrobe, while thinking about current trends that you might want to add.  I will also explain what silhouettes and designs might work best for your body type.

Once your closet has been put together, I will show you pieces that would look great together and teach you how to accessorize them.  While you are trying on these pieces we will take pictures of you in these new outfits, from earrings to shoes, creating a style portfolio that you can easily reference.


Shopping (Approximately 3-4 Hours)

Let’s go shopping!  I will take you shopping to explore classic pieces as well as some trendy styles that will fill in your existing wardrobe and enhance your closet.  I will pre-shop and pre-select the stores based on your style, needs and budget so our time can be fun and efficient.

As we are shopping we will talk about what works best on your body and we will discuss how to put the new pieces together with your existing closet.  If you haven’t had a closet consult with me we will have a conversation before our shopping trip to discuss your style, needs and what you are looking for to complete your looks.

Add on:  Once our shopping is complete I can come back to your closet, take digital photos of the new clothes and accessories, mixing them with your existing closet to create new looks.  


Wardrobe Update (Approximately 3-4 Hours)

Oftentimes a quick update will give new life to everything in your closet.  A simple interview will determine what your needs are and what might be missing.  It might be as simple as getting some trendy pieces for that season or shopping for some basics to round out everything else in your closet.

Once I have a clear understanding of what needs to be added we can shop for those individual pieces.


Travel (Approximately 2 Hours)

Going on a trip?  Don’t feel like you have anything cute to wear or don’t know what to bring, what goes with what and don’t want to over pack?  I can help you create a travel wardrobe coordinating pieces with items existing in your closet while evaluating whether new pieces would be appropriate for your destination.  

I have a talent for picking items that can be worn multiple ways and with many different options so you bring the minimum but feel like you have lots of different outfits to wear.  

I will prepare for you a digital portfolio that you can refer to while on your trip reminding yourself of all the different options and ways to wear.



Events (Approximately 2-4 Hours)

We all want to look our best, but we especially want to shine when going to a special event, whether it be a wedding, cocktail party, anniversary celebration, bar or bat mitzvah, or birthday party.

I will do research to see what stores will best suit your style and budget and have the best selection for the type of event you are attending.  We will shop together to find the best outfit that is the most flattering for the occasion.  We will also outfit you with accessories from earrings all the way down to a great pair of shoes.  When you walk into your event, heads will turn and you will feel confident in looking your best.


Gift Certificate.jpg


You can give my services for shopping and/or closet editing as the perfect gift to a special friend or family member.  It’s sometimes hard to figure out what to get someone, so why not gift them a personal shopper and stylist to help them look their best.