"Angie helps you combine clothing items in new and fun ways"

I am not someone who enjoys shopping.  I usually try to just rush through, buy whatever is on sale (whether it works or not), and get it over with.  Angie, however, actually makes shopping fun for me.  She is upbeat, positive but truthful, and helps you see what might work outside of your comfort zone.  She helps you combine clothing items in new and fun ways but will tell you honestly when things don't work together.  She also has a good sense of what your personal style is and will tell you if something just doesn't look like "you".

Clothes make a difference.  Good clothes and well-composed outfits can create confidence.  Angie is the person to help you dress in a way that will make you feel ready to have fun, get stuff done, or take on the world without worrying about how you look!

Rachel | Salt Lake City, UT


"Now that I've had this service I want it for everything"

I love to shop and dress my kids but don't always have time to do so.  With a family photoshoot coming up I hired Angie to style us.  I had a vision of what I wanted and even some pieces from our own wardrobes that I already own that I wanted to use.  She made a digital board of our outfits incorporating things we already owned and some new pieces to buy to update the looks and tie it all together.  I loved that the looks she styled for us included items from all different price points - from shops like Old Navy to Tory Burch, and it all looks so well put together like it was made to go together!  I would have never had the time to go look through all those stores.  She included things that are definitely my style as well as a few things I would have never thought about that really added to the whole look.  It was so nice to see the visual of the outfits together before the actual photoshoot.  All I had to do was click the links and purchase the items we needed.  Now that I've had this service I want it for everything!  School events, holiday parties, back to school, etc.  I'll be coming back for more!

Lizzie | Greenwich, CT


"Closet edited and I'm looking great"

Angie Harding helped me reorganize my closet into a space that is now functional and fun to choose an outfit. She is an expert in organization and style!  She moved my clothes around and hung them so it made more sense and made it easier to choose what to wear. She arranged my accessories so they were easy to see and choose to layer onto any outfit. I absolutely loved her knowledge in organization and the decisive way she helped me eliminate clothing that didn't fit my body type or things I didn't or couldn't wear anymore. Now I enjoy walking into my closet and finding that perfect outfit. It is clutter free and organized with the clothing that fits me best. 

Katie | Overland Park, KS


"I've never been a big shopper"

Angie does a great job of listening to me and understanding my style. Not only does she find things that are in my comfort zone, but she also gets me to try new things. I've never been a big shopper but I love to get new clothes. I just don't enjoy the process of finding. Angie has been the perfect solution to my dilemma. She's takes care of the process of finding and all I have to do is show up and try things on. She makes the entire experience fun, and so easy and convenient. She has been spot on with everything she's gotten me. I have loved all the clothes and outfits she's found and I always get compliments when I wear them.  Thank you Angie!

Wendy | Menlo Park, CA


"Knew what pieces looked best on my body type"

Angie is fun, honest and knows style well. She knew what pieces looked best on my body type and is honest and always friendly when helping me find an outfit.  She has a way of making me feel confident when helping me determine my style and put an outfit together. She is great at selecting classic pieces that will always be in style and pairing with trendy, fun pieces that make me feel current and sexy.

Cherisse | Menlo Park, CA